Making the Golden State Blue (Keynote)

AltaSea Executive Director, Jenny Krusoe and CEO, Tim McOsker 

Space exploration in the 20th Century gave rise to a massive aerospace industry in California. It all started with our mission to put a man on the moon and today we take for granted the cell phones in our pockets, laptops on our desks, and satellite televisions in our living rooms – all products that few could imagine and which were made possible by our bold passion to explore.

The 21st Century will be the era of the oceans as the new pioneers among us go to the 90% of the ocean yet to be discovered. These explorations have given rise to the field of underwater robotics that are critical tools needed as we turn to our ocean to solve major challenges such as energy supply, climate change, and global food security.

As we increasingly turn to our ocean for our needs, we also have a new massive opportunity to create jobs as part of the Blue Economy.

AltaSea executive director, Jenny Krusoe and CEO, Tim McOsker will discuss what the Blue Economy is and how California is the place where it should happen. Unleash your imagination, there’s a new wave coming.


Launching a Mobile Age for the Ocean Economy

Matthew Mulrennan, Director of the Ocean Initiative at the XPRIZE Foundation (Keynote w/ Panel)

Learn about how the XPRIZE Ocean Initiative is inspiring solutions to the oceans grand challenges. Hear from winning teams in XPRIZE's Big Ocean Button Challenge – a mobile app development competition to turn ocean data into the services we need.


Age of Activism: Rise of Brand Citizenship (Keynote)

Keynote / Jim Moriarty, Director of Brand Citizenship at 72 and Sunny

While forces converge in front of our eyes, activism is red-lining and shifting the game for brands large and small. Sugar-high, ephemeral marketing is no longer enough - people are demanding to know why a brand exists.
This is good news for brands at the front-end of this shift and mortally bad news for laggards.
Join Jim Moriarty, Director of Brand Citizenship at 72andSunny, as he explains the rise of brand citizenship - the idea of advancing a business while also advancing society, while also exploring how this shift came about and outlining best practices embraced by the leaders in today's marketplace. 

Global Youth Movement to Stop Plastic Pollution

Katie Allen, Executive Director at Algalita

With previous generations failing to foresee the prevailing plastic pollution crisis, a new generation has come together to demand we address this issue head-on. Utilizing advocacy platforms built by leading plastic pollution organizations, youth are connecting across the globe to amplify their voices and efforts. 


Helping the Siren Find Its Voice (Keynote)

Dune Ives, Executive Director at Lonely Whale Foundation 

This presentation will share the strategies employed to create a public-facing campaign that gave rise to the global straw movement and the behind the scenes efforts Lonely Whale engaged in to create a platform for positive change upon which Starbucks could announce its commitment to eliminating non-recyclable single-use plastic straws. The reasons why Starbucks failed to commit publicly and what resulted from their lack of leadership will be discussed as a case study for future campaigns.


Turning The Tide Towards Greener and Bluer Business Practices in the Restaurant World (Panel)

Sarah Sikich, Heal the Bay

With the rising societal awareness and demand for socially and environmentally conscious business practices, many restaurants and food purveyors are updating their practices to improve sustainability. Learn about what business leaders are doing in response to customer, shareholder, regulatory, and consumer demands to reduce their plastic pollution footprint and shift to sustainable seafood options. Panelists will discuss opportunities, challenges, and consumer response.


Why Businesses Should Support Ocean Friendly Legislation
Lisa Kaas Boyle, Environmental Attorney and Legal Policy Expert

The talk will focus on how legislation can level the playing field by requiring best management practices to reduce ocean pollution, thereby taking away cost incentives to rivals undercutting with polluting materials and practices that destroy our natural resources. Legislating pollution reduction leads to innovation, cost reductions and prolonged business sustainability.  
Finally, there are immediate benefits to supporting legislative solutions and implementing changes as environmental leadership increases sales and customer loyalty. Case examples will be discussed. 


Changing the Narrative to Solve Climate Change (Keynote w/Panel)

Kevin Whilden, Co-Founder at Sustainable Surf

How can we change the narrative around climate change, so that more people and business are actively engaged in finding solutions? Most discussion around climate change uses negative imagery to inspire action, which leads to disconnection and disengagement. However a small group of sustainable surfers are creating a new narrative, in which reducing their carbon footprint is a byproduct of decisions that directly improve economic and social well-being. Examples of regenerative agriculture and sustainable surfboard industry will be used to illustrate a systems-change approach that can achieve rapid results.


How Political Hardball Can Save The Ocean (Q&A)

Fred Keeley, Former California Assembly Member and David Wilmot, Co-Founder at Ocean Champions

Elections Matter! Securing strong pro-ocean policies and defeating efforts to weaken hard fought pro-ocean victories requires leadership and support from elected officials. Engaging in elections is a fundamental aspect of our nation’s political process AND key to building the political will needed to achieve and maintain pro-ocean policies.

This will be an informative and provocative discussion about how ocean lovers, conservationists, and businesses are or can be part of this engagement to save our oceans.


Spark Magic in Your Team, Brand and Cause (Workshop)

John Guastaferro, CFRE

Today’s consumers are looking for more than great products or services. They want to feel connected to you, your brand promise, and your social values. 

In this insightful and entertaining workshop, discover the power of connecting three critical factors: TEAM, BRAND, and CAUSE. You’ll learn pivotal one-degree strategies to bring these three areas into synergistic alignment. This creates a framework for success in all facets of your organization.