“If the 20th Century was focused on exploration of our frontiers in space, the 21st Century will be about a frontier much closer to home, our vast, largely unexplored oceans,” said Jenny Krusoe, AltaSea’s executive director. “AltaSea brings together ocean-based research, STEM education and sustainable business incubation, to solve the great problems facing our world. Hosting the inaugural Rising Tide Summit here in the nation’s busiest port complex is a natural fit. We must join together to address the challenges facing our oceans, and ourselves.”  


Rising Tide Summit 2020 | MARCH 26TH, 27TH, & 28TH | San Pedro, CA


“There is no better time for start-ups and big brands to help save our ocean.” Matthew Mulrennan, Director - Ocean Initiative, XPRIZE. “The Rising Tide Summit is tapping the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and the power of exponential technologies to solve the biggest ocean problems.”

"The ocean is the most powerful economic engine on earth and without a healthy ocean, there are no healthy people, planet or profits,” said Vipe Desai, Founder, Rising Tide Summit and CEO of HDX Hydration Mix. “This summit was designed to prompt solution-driven conversations among thought leaders and socially responsible brands. Science informs us of the problem. Businesses should be able to deliver a solution. That’s what the Rising Tide Summit is about.”

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