Hello Speakers and Attendees-

As we continue to monitor developments of the crisis facing our nation, I have decided in the best interest of our families and colleagues that we must postpone the Rising Tide Summit. 

Thank you all for supporting the summit and our mission but for now, we have to focus on the health of everyone involved. 

Once we have an understanding of when things will start getting back to normal life we will identify a date to bring us all back together and get back to work for our ocean.

Please stay safe.


“Brands are coming around to the fact that a healthy and thriving ocean is vital to our coastal economies, said Vipe Desai, Founder of Rising Tide Summit. “Protecting the bottom line starts by protecting our ocean. Every industry will be impacted if we don’t work together and the Rising Tide Summit is where leaders will gather to share insights, encourage collaboration and put their businesses on the path to a higher purpose. We must join together to address the challenges facing our oceans, and ourselves.”  

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